spaz post.

So this is a pointless, spaz post I'd like to share with all of you. There's a lot to share, you guys. A lot to share.
First off... GLEE IS ON TONIGHT AS A DIRECTORS CUT! MY FAVORITE SHOW JGKLDSJGKLSDAJLK. Plus it airs in LESS THAN A WEEK! SPAZ WITH ME PEOPLE. That show is so epic it's not even funny. Did I mention I love Cory Monteith? No? Well, I love Corey Monteith. He has such a unique voice. It's kind of rough, but still amazing. When my friend told me that Can't Fight This Feeling came out on iTunes I SPAZZED. I've been waiting for a solo song for him. <3 And damn does Lea Michele have a voice. I wish I had hers. It's so loud. She's definitely one of those people who aren't afraid to sing. LOL just like her character. She's so obnoxious, I love it rofl. AND OMG I SAW THIS ANIMATION OF THEM KISSING. Second episode come noooooow. They make such a fantastic couple. Seriously. I always lmfao at the part in the Glee trailer where their like doing this dance that looks way wrong. I need to know what song their dancing to, yes? I've been listening to Don't Stop Believin' on repeat this morning. Ugh. "Just a small town girl..." I fell in love there LOL. This show is going to be amazing. My favorite. Screw you Idol. You kind of suck now.

Second thing I'd like to spaz about. PARAMORE'S NEW ALBUM YO. My friend Paige and I are totally gonna throw a virtual party for this album. I'm so excited. SEPTEMBER 29TH BUY THEIR ALBUM, K? You know you all love Ignorance. That song has such attitude in it. I can so relate. Hayley has such a powerful voice. Oh! And yesterday I spazzed even more because Brick by Boring Brick was leaked. I think it was leaked? Yes? No? I don't know lol. But that song is sooooooooo amazing. So catchy! She lives in a fairy tale
Somewhere too far for us to find. Forgotten the taste and smell of the world that she's left behind. It's all about the exposure the lens I told her, the angles were all wrong now she's ripping wings off of butterflies.
Um that's pretty much amazingness right there. How they come up with amazing songs like that I have no idea. The butterflies lyrics reminds me of the front cover art which is EPIC. Intense. I'm gonna ask my mom in about a week if I can pre-order their album. If she doesn't let me then ok. But if she doesn't let me buy the album... I'll go all Sora on her. :) Which brings me to my next topic...

Third thing I'd like to spaz about. KINGDOM TO THE FREAKIN HEARTS. So this game never ceases to amaze me. My sister and I were reading about 358/2 Days and that game sounds SO INTRIGUEING. This game is all about Roxas being born and coming to the Organization. There's this official trailer that came out and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. I cannot help but go buserk. While I was watching the trailer it showed a countown going down. Like it started from 358/2 all the way down to 1. When it gets down to 1 Roxas disappears and Sora awakes from his slumber. EPIC. So that explains the beginning of the second Kingdom Hearts with the "Day 6, Day 5, ect." CAUSE ROXY IS GONNA GO BUY BUY, BB. :'( Oh and I totally figured out that Roxas is Sora's name but scrambled up and an X in it because all Organization IIX members have an X in their name. Like Xemnas. It's just Ansem's name with an X. It's his nodody. DUH! So then Birth By Sleep looks pretty epic too. It's so weird though cause Roxas isnt... Roxas. His name is Ven. O.o I don't know. But it still looks cool. Plus, I got a Kingdom Hearts shirt like last weekend! :D Definitely wearing that to school. Sanctuary (After The Battle) Is such a pretty song you guys. The ending of the second game made me cry watching it the second time in over a year. :'( And they need to make a third game kthxbai.
Sniff, see aren't they cute? :'(

Fourth thing I'd like to spaz about. DAVID'S CHRISTMAS ALBUM OMGGGGG. Finally! New David music! I mean, don't get me wrong I love his album, but I've listened to every song on it over 200 times. Desperate much? LOL GET IT? DESPERATE IS ON THE ALUBM? k. It comes out on the friend I told you about ealier, Paige's, birthday. She's gonna be a spaz that day. At least she gets new music on her birthday LOL. New Moon, David, probably something else she'll buy... LOL. IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME. I am so excited. I say it's a little too early to come out with a Christmas album lmfao, BUT AT LEAST IT'S NEW MUSIC, YES?

Hmm. Anything else I want to spaz about?... I don't think so. Something I DON'T wanna spaz about is that school starts in less than a week. FAIL.

Ok that was a pointless post, but I'm glad I got it off my shoulders. :)
comment if you'd like to spaz along LOL.

turn up your car radio.

I am dearly sorry for not updating for awhile. Ha more like more than a month, but whatev. xD
So. Things that have happened. Went to an AMAZING David Archuleta (oh and that Demi chick lol) concert and he touched my hand DURING TOUCH MY HAND. I think the ironic God decided to drop by, don't you think? Other than that nothing. :| Well I've written a lot of songs in the past... month LOL. Here's a little thing I wrote, it's not the whole thing though, so yeah.
I tried so hard to understand, so hard to understand
but the things your screaming are
hard to be true.
The light that shines inside your heart
right inside your heart
is diming down too fast.
Your raining down on our parade,
all of the things we made,
you act like it's not real.

D: horrible right? LOL idk. If you want tell me what you guys think, k? :)
Sooooo what else... um ....

Ugh that game is amazing. And if you don't like it, you can like, walk away from this post now... LOL jk. But seriously if you don't then wow bahaha. AND YOU PROBABLY NOTICED MY NEW LAYOUTTTT. I randomly made it, and I figured it would be Kingdom Hearts.
K, so I made graphics.


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Rough week, might I say. Actually, VERY rough. (LOL THAT SOUNDED DIRTY).
Soooo, yesterday my sister Lindsay was going to buy us two VIP upgrades for David's concert, but when I went to pick a quantity of 2, they only had one left. :| Yeah... So I bawled my eyes out and then told my sister she could go instead of me. But she buy it. <3 So then today she BOUGHT 2 TICKETS TO THE SEATTLE CONCERT FOR DAVID/DEMI TOUR. *spaz* I feel so spaztastic today.
Wanna see where the seats are?
Too bad, I'm showing you anyway. :D

Row 4, section D, seats 7-8. HEH.

Oh! And I got a song you guys should buy. It's called Losing It by Nevershoutnever. That song made me bawl last night. Buy it, k? It's an amazing song. And I bought all of Paramore's songs. :D

daily rant cause i need it.

Okay you guys. I'm gonna rant to you for a second...
Lets start with the best friend.

Samantha; you're such a BITCH AND WHORE. We don't talk for like a week but that's not even my effing fault! You say that I should change to finally get guys to like me! WHAT THE EFF. A best friend doesn't say that! OMG. Plus you're so bi-polar. One minute you wanna 'do it' with Dustin then the next you keep texting me saying that you hate him. MAKE UP YOUR EFFING MIND. You know I like Ryan, also, but you still continue to flirt with him in front of my FACE. YOU WON'T EVEN APOLOGIZE. You say you were giving me "advice" to finally have a guy like me, but really you're just trying to change me. GO CHANGE YOURSELF YOU BITCH.

Ryan; Man, I love you and all, but you have to make up your mind. Either you lie to me or your really just tired and taking a shower and such. If I find out you're talking about me behind my back with Samantha, I don't even know. I'm excited for July and all for the Music lessons and Final Destination 4 in August, but you never know. That might change. And you don't text me for like 3 nights cause you're "camping" and then the hello I get from you is a FORWARD message. WTF. I need an explanation.

David Archuleta Concert Thing; Alright. WTF. Only like a minute with David at the VIP, and maybe not a individual picture? That's so messed up. And I can't stand it when people are all like "Oh yeah. No one's gonna be at my VIP so I get more time with David!" DUDE. Your's are all sold out and mine aren't. So if it's anyone who gets the better VIP, it might be me. And Paige. <3 She deserves it. PLUS DAVID ARCHULETA IS NOT SINGING MY FAVORITE SONG?! It might change over dates, but PLEASE sing Barriers. And you know...maybe Desperate. :D

My Evil Science teacher; You gave me a B for turning all of my work it. Go suck a dick.

So I keep telling myself to be happy. so I look at this picture.

le sigh.
I hope things get better. I was so happy last week; now what?

hai thur.

Yeah you heard meh. LETS DO ITTTTTTTTT.
So... I know you guys won't want to know about my last day of school but I'm gonna TELL YOU ABOUT IT ANYWAY. xD
So on the last day of school... epic. But sad, kinda. Instead of going to the dance in the gym, Samantha, Dustin, Ashley, Ryan, and I went to the tennis courts and played tennis. Yes, we made exercise out of tennis, not dancing. :D go us. K. And me and Ryan took a bunch of pictures. I loveth them. I have to admit that I've fallen quite hard over him. He's perfect.
LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR REALZ. At oaks park. That was the most depressing day of my life. I told Ryan to meet me at the entrance of the school to say goodbye, and my bus back to the school was late, and so I get a call and here's how it went:
Ryan: Where are you?
Me: Um, dude, I'm not even there yet.
Ryan: Well my dad is here to pick me up and I HAVE to leave.
Me: Really?
Ryan: Really.
Me:... Really? *voice cracks*
Ryan: Really.
Me: Um *tries to hold back tears* wow.
Ryan: Yeah.
Me: Well...I guess I'll talk to you during the summer, k?
Ryan: Okay. Final Destination 4!
Me: *pretends to laugh* Alright. Who's gonna hang up first?
Ryan: I don't know.
Me: 1..2..3..
Me: You there?
Ryan: Yup.
Me: LOL.
Ryan: LOL.
Me: Um, I think I'm gonna go before I break down.
Ryan: Okay. *sad sound* I'll talk to you later.
Me: Okay *voice cracks*
*hangs up*
SO DEPRESSING OMG. I started bawling on the bus and my best Monica tried to calm me down but... I couldn't. >.< It was a sad time. But on the POSITIVE NOTE, me and him are seeing Final Destination 4 together this summer. :D AND taking music lessons. HAIL YES.
So yeah. Awesomeness. He says "Morning Sunshine" to me every morning now. :D so sweet.




I just thought I'd share. (:
I'm very happy. I think I did pretty well on it. Math is my fav subject, so yeah. I think I passed. xD
I have graduation tomorrow, too. Sad day, you guys. Sad day. D':
And then on Saturday, I found out that the landlord is making us move. :| his wife lost his job so he wants the house back. FML. I love my house. :'( I had so many great memories here. Like meeting David, friends, love, snow, going to new states finally. Were looking at houses now. We have to move out by August fcking 1st. :| We have money.




David will love you for it, bb's. :) BUY IT PLEASE. HE NEEDS AMERICA'S HELP. And Britian. And Thai. And China. And...a bunch of other places.

k. love you guys.

another random post. cuz i love it.

so i'm pretty giddy today you guys.

i don't know why. i just akid: 
i had a pretty good day today i guess. :DD
see. david's happy with me.
this morning, my like, best friend i guess, Ryan, came up to me at the bus stop and was like *bops head* and he was singing Don't Stop Believin' which I am totally obsessed with. BECAUSE OF GLEE, LOVE. <33 that show is love. i'm obsessed. kinda. pretty much. yeah. i admit i have feelings for the guy named Ryan. I KNOW. :O SOMEONE SLAP ME. THAT'S A BAD IDEA, RIGHT?! i'm always telling my friend Paige the things wrong with him and she kinda agrees he's an ass. so i don't know WHAT to do. :|
so then on the bus he was listening to No Boundries and I was like lemme see and he shows me effin kris allen's version. i was like 'FAIL.' Love you adam. <3
i get to choir. that class is so much fail it's not even funny. i hate the people in there. i just come in there to do my thang. i have a song that i get to perform on thursday night. go me. i'm singing Gravity by Sara Bareilles. <3 BUT THE EFFING MOST HILARIOUS THING HAPPENED IN CHOIR. so this REALLY creepy kid with weird teeth keeps staring at my friend Katrina and this is how it went down:

kid: *keeps staring*
katrina: WHY are you staring at me? D:
kid: where were you?
katrina: what do you mean? -_-
kid: like...just now.
katrina: wtf. i was jus there.
kid: no i meant last weekend. last last weekend.
katrina: WHAT DO YOU MEAN?
kid: *shakes his head like were stupid and doesn't know what were talking about* nevermind. *turns away*
katrina: ...THE FUCK?
me: *bursts out laughing like a donkey*

oh my god. so funny.

THEN I GET TO MATH. D: I HAVE THIS HUGE MATH FINAL YOU GUYS. IT'S WORTH 100. IF I GET LESS THEN A 70% I HAVE TO TAKE ALGEBRA AGAIN IN HIGH SCHOOL. I DON'T WANT THAT. I WANT TO GO TO GEOMOTRY. It's review on everything we did this year. i'm kinda scared you guys. math isn't my best subject. PRAY FOR MEEHHHHHHH. D:

So yeah. that was pretty much it LOL. i have like 4 more classes to explain, but i don't feel like itt.
comment if you care.



Because it's true you guys.

Am I right?
I am.
So deal with it.
I love Adam Mitchel Lambert.
He's the change that's gonna come.

Well that didn't take long.

I made some icons! Some are old; some are new.
Some are black and some are blue. LOLOL. jk. I had to do it. don't judge. so anyway. yeah. i have some icons, holla. We gots David, Glee (ZOMG MY NEW FAV SHOW EVA) Adam Lambert love, and Twiliiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Oh yeah.

Yean and also I made a post earlier about my new hur. You should check it out and see how you like it? K? :D That would be just fabo.
And guess what?!
I HATE MICHEAL SARVER. I hope he gets run over by the idol bus while they visit fans at the buses. Apparently he told Adam where he's from, gays are either closeted or dead and it really, really offended Adam.
WHAT THE FLUCK. YOU DON'T SAY THAT TO THE MAN. GOD. :| what a bastard. i hate him. Adam doesn't deserve that kind of rudeness. I BET MICHEAL IS GAY AND HE JUST DOESN'T WANT TO COME OUT AND MAKE FUN OF HIMSELF. i'm gonna slap him at the buses.
k. you should support me with that.(:

I'm sorry. but adam is sooooooooo much better than him.

k. back to the icons, holla.

comments would be lovely. :)

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