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daily rant cause i need it.

Okay you guys. I'm gonna rant to you for a second...
Lets start with the best friend.

Samantha; you're such a BITCH AND WHORE. We don't talk for like a week but that's not even my effing fault! You say that I should change to finally get guys to like me! WHAT THE EFF. A best friend doesn't say that! OMG. Plus you're so bi-polar. One minute you wanna 'do it' with Dustin then the next you keep texting me saying that you hate him. MAKE UP YOUR EFFING MIND. You know I like Ryan, also, but you still continue to flirt with him in front of my FACE. YOU WON'T EVEN APOLOGIZE. You say you were giving me "advice" to finally have a guy like me, but really you're just trying to change me. GO CHANGE YOURSELF YOU BITCH.

Ryan; Man, I love you and all, but you have to make up your mind. Either you lie to me or your really just tired and taking a shower and such. If I find out you're talking about me behind my back with Samantha, I don't even know. I'm excited for July and all for the Music lessons and Final Destination 4 in August, but you never know. That might change. And you don't text me for like 3 nights cause you're "camping" and then the hello I get from you is a FORWARD message. WTF. I need an explanation.

David Archuleta Concert Thing; Alright. WTF. Only like a minute with David at the VIP, and maybe not a individual picture? That's so messed up. And I can't stand it when people are all like "Oh yeah. No one's gonna be at my VIP so I get more time with David!" DUDE. Your's are all sold out and mine aren't. So if it's anyone who gets the better VIP, it might be me. And Paige. <3 She deserves it. PLUS DAVID ARCHULETA IS NOT SINGING MY FAVORITE SONG?! It might change over dates, but PLEASE sing Barriers. And you know...maybe Desperate. :D

My Evil Science teacher; You gave me a B for turning all of my work it. Go suck a dick.

So I keep telling myself to be happy. so I look at this picture.

le sigh.
I hope things get better. I was so happy last week; now what?

Tags: bad day, best friend, david archuleta, science teacher, vip
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