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Rough week, might I say. Actually, VERY rough. (LOL THAT SOUNDED DIRTY).
Soooo, yesterday my sister Lindsay was going to buy us two VIP upgrades for David's concert, but when I went to pick a quantity of 2, they only had one left. :| Yeah... So I bawled my eyes out and then told my sister she could go instead of me. But she buy it. <3 So then today she BOUGHT 2 TICKETS TO THE SEATTLE CONCERT FOR DAVID/DEMI TOUR. *spaz* I feel so spaztastic today.
Wanna see where the seats are?
Too bad, I'm showing you anyway. :D

Row 4, section D, seats 7-8. HEH.

Oh! And I got a song you guys should buy. It's called Losing It by Nevershoutnever. That song made me bawl last night. Buy it, k? It's an amazing song. And I bought all of Paramore's songs. :D

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