September 2nd, 2009

spaz post.

So this is a pointless, spaz post I'd like to share with all of you. There's a lot to share, you guys. A lot to share.
First off... GLEE IS ON TONIGHT AS A DIRECTORS CUT! MY FAVORITE SHOW JGKLDSJGKLSDAJLK. Plus it airs in LESS THAN A WEEK! SPAZ WITH ME PEOPLE. That show is so epic it's not even funny. Did I mention I love Cory Monteith? No? Well, I love Corey Monteith. He has such a unique voice. It's kind of rough, but still amazing. When my friend told me that Can't Fight This Feeling came out on iTunes I SPAZZED. I've been waiting for a solo song for him. <3 And damn does Lea Michele have a voice. I wish I had hers. It's so loud. She's definitely one of those people who aren't afraid to sing. LOL just like her character. She's so obnoxious, I love it rofl. AND OMG I SAW THIS ANIMATION OF THEM KISSING. Second episode come noooooow. They make such a fantastic couple. Seriously. I always lmfao at the part in the Glee trailer where their like doing this dance that looks way wrong. I need to know what song their dancing to, yes? I've been listening to Don't Stop Believin' on repeat this morning. Ugh. "Just a small town girl..." I fell in love there LOL. This show is going to be amazing. My favorite. Screw you Idol. You kind of suck now.

Second thing I'd like to spaz about. PARAMORE'S NEW ALBUM YO. My friend Paige and I are totally gonna throw a virtual party for this album. I'm so excited. SEPTEMBER 29TH BUY THEIR ALBUM, K? You know you all love Ignorance. That song has such attitude in it. I can so relate. Hayley has such a powerful voice. Oh! And yesterday I spazzed even more because Brick by Boring Brick was leaked. I think it was leaked? Yes? No? I don't know lol. But that song is sooooooooo amazing. So catchy! She lives in a fairy tale
Somewhere too far for us to find. Forgotten the taste and smell of the world that she's left behind. It's all about the exposure the lens I told her, the angles were all wrong now she's ripping wings off of butterflies.
Um that's pretty much amazingness right there. How they come up with amazing songs like that I have no idea. The butterflies lyrics reminds me of the front cover art which is EPIC. Intense. I'm gonna ask my mom in about a week if I can pre-order their album. If she doesn't let me then ok. But if she doesn't let me buy the album... I'll go all Sora on her. :) Which brings me to my next topic...

Third thing I'd like to spaz about. KINGDOM TO THE FREAKIN HEARTS. So this game never ceases to amaze me. My sister and I were reading about 358/2 Days and that game sounds SO INTRIGUEING. This game is all about Roxas being born and coming to the Organization. There's this official trailer that came out and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. I cannot help but go buserk. While I was watching the trailer it showed a countown going down. Like it started from 358/2 all the way down to 1. When it gets down to 1 Roxas disappears and Sora awakes from his slumber. EPIC. So that explains the beginning of the second Kingdom Hearts with the "Day 6, Day 5, ect." CAUSE ROXY IS GONNA GO BUY BUY, BB. :'( Oh and I totally figured out that Roxas is Sora's name but scrambled up and an X in it because all Organization IIX members have an X in their name. Like Xemnas. It's just Ansem's name with an X. It's his nodody. DUH! So then Birth By Sleep looks pretty epic too. It's so weird though cause Roxas isnt... Roxas. His name is Ven. O.o I don't know. But it still looks cool. Plus, I got a Kingdom Hearts shirt like last weekend! :D Definitely wearing that to school. Sanctuary (After The Battle) Is such a pretty song you guys. The ending of the second game made me cry watching it the second time in over a year. :'( And they need to make a third game kthxbai.
Sniff, see aren't they cute? :'(

Fourth thing I'd like to spaz about. DAVID'S CHRISTMAS ALBUM OMGGGGG. Finally! New David music! I mean, don't get me wrong I love his album, but I've listened to every song on it over 200 times. Desperate much? LOL GET IT? DESPERATE IS ON THE ALUBM? k. It comes out on the friend I told you about ealier, Paige's, birthday. She's gonna be a spaz that day. At least she gets new music on her birthday LOL. New Moon, David, probably something else she'll buy... LOL. IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME. I am so excited. I say it's a little too early to come out with a Christmas album lmfao, BUT AT LEAST IT'S NEW MUSIC, YES?

Hmm. Anything else I want to spaz about?... I don't think so. Something I DON'T wanna spaz about is that school starts in less than a week. FAIL.

Ok that was a pointless post, but I'm glad I got it off my shoulders. :)
comment if you'd like to spaz along LOL.